Articles for Georgette Heyer

Date Title Source Author Related books Paywall
2013-12-31 A Quiet End to an Era: Lady of Quality TOR Mari Ness Lady Of Quality
2013-12-10 A Wistful Look Back: Charity Girl TOR Mari Ness Charity Girl
2013-11-26 Regency Gothic: Cousin Kate TOR Mari Ness Cousin Kate
2013-11-12 Almost Slumming It: Black Sheep TOR Mari Ness Black Sheep
2013-11-05 A Dance of Witty Attraction: Frederica TOR Mari Ness Frederica
2013-10-22 The Lingering Effects of Bad Marriages: False Colours TOR Mari Ness False Colours
2013-10-08 Three or Four Families in a Country Village: The Nonesuch TOR Mari Ness The Nonesuch
2013-09-24 Land Management and Romance: The Unknown Ajax TOR Mari Ness The Unknown Ajax
2013-09-10 When Beauty Does Not Transform the Beast: Venetia TOR Mari Ness Venetia
2013-08-27 A Career for a Lady: Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle TOR Mari Ness Sylvester Or The Wicked Uncle
2013-08-13 A World of Language: April Lady TOR Mari Ness April Lady
2013-07-30 Corralling Independence: Sprig Muslin TOR Mari Ness Sprig Muslin
2013-07-16 Rewarding Emotional Abuse: Bath Tangle TOR Mari Ness Bath Tangle
2013-07-02 When Highwaymen Go Dull: The Toll-Gate TOR Mari Ness The Toll-Gate
2013-06-18 Bringing murder into the Regency: The Quiet Gentleman TOR Mari Ness The Quiet Gentleman
2013-05-28 Regency Manipulations: The Grand Sophy TOR Mari Ness The Grand Sophy
2013-05-14 Restraining Social Activism: Arabella TOR Mari Ness Arabella
2013-04-23 Stepping Away from Romance: The Foundling TOR Mari Ness The Foundling
2013-04-09 Bonapartist Spies: The Reluctant Widow TOR Mari Ness The Reluctant Widow
2013-03-26 The Beginning of an Era: Friday’s Child TOR Mari Ness Fridays Child
2013-03-12 A Justification For Murder? Penhallow TOR Mari Ness Penhallow
2013-02-26 Gambling to Romance: Georgette Heyer’s Faro’s Daughter TOR Mari Ness Faros Daughter
2013-01-29 The Murderous End of an Era: Georgette Heyer’s Envious Casca TOR Mari Ness Envious Casca
2013-01-15 Creating a Sub-Genre by Accident: Georgette Heyer’s The Corinthian TOR Mari Ness The Corinthian
2013-01-08 A Recreation of War: Georgette Heyer’s An Infamous Army TOR Mari Ness An Infamous Army
2012-12-04 Sparkling Murder: Georgette Heyer’s Death in the Stocks TOR Mari Ness Death In The Stocks
2012-11-20 Badly Channeling Jane Austen: Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck TOR Mari Ness Regency Buck
2012-11-06 Creating a World of Irony and Froth: The Convenient Marriage TOR Mari Ness The Convenient Marriage
2012-10-16 Refining the Rake as Hero: Georgette Heyer’s Devil’s Cub TOR Mari Ness Devils Cub
2012-09-25 Flailing to Find the Right Historical Niche: Georgette Heyer’s The Conqueror TOR Mari Ness The Conqueror
2012-09-11 A Marriage of Unequals: Georgette Heyer’s Barren Corn TOR Mari Ness Barren Corn
2012-08-28 Cross-Dressing for Safety and Romance: The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer TOR Mari Ness The Masqueraders
2012-08-07 Working Towards Literary Respectability: Helen by Georgette Heyer TOR Mari Ness Helen
2012-07-24 Derring-Do, This Time with Cross-Dressing: These Old Shades TOR Mari Ness These Old Shades
2012-07-10 Wit and Lace: Powder and Patch, or, the Transformation of Philip Jettan TOR Mari Ness Powder And The Patch | Transformation Of Philip Jetta
2012-06-26 Welcome to the Georgette Heyer Reread TOR Mari Ness
2012-06-26 A Bit of Derring-Do and Name Dropping: The Black Moth TOR Mari Ness The Black Moth
2012-03-20 “It Won’t Do, You Know!” Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion TOR Jo Walton Cotillion
2009-12-29 Sensible grown-ups and the battle of Waterloo: Georgette Heyer’s A Civil Contract TOR Jo Walton A Civil Contract
0212-12-18 A Touch of Mystery with Derring-do: Georgette Heyer’s The Talisman Ring TOR Mari Ness The Talisman Ring