The Black Moth
Ref: 2216
Published: 1921


In love? You? Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! You do not know what the word means. You are like a — like a fish, with no more love in you than a fish, and no more heart than a fish, and...

Six years earlier in the mid-18th Century England, Lord Jack Carstares takes the blame when his younger brother Richard was found to have cheated at cards. With such a breach of social propriety, Jack was socially exiled and, consequently, he left England and traveled through Europe. He secretly returns under an alternate identity and encounters an abduction in process. He foils the attempted abduction, and the woman, Miss Diana Beauleigh, whom he saves falls in love with Jack. Alas, his reputation does not serve him well enough to take up a bride as worthy as Miss Diana. But will that be the end of Lord Jack or will he succeed in repairing his image?

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